Myo Munchee

Myo Munchee


Available in 3 variations:

  1. Myo Munchee with Handle
    Myo Munchees with handles allow the very small children to feel secure using the Myo Munchee. The Extra Small has a longer handle suits 2-3 year olds while the small has a shorter handle for 4-8 year olds
  2. Myo Munchee
    The classic Myo Munchie (no handle) non-toxic silicone moulded oral orthotic device. Can be used passively at night or during the daytime and/or for active chewing (10 mins per day is recommended). The Myo Munchee works for both children over 5 through to adult.
  3. Myo U-Trim
    Myo U-Trim for female and male adults and 10 years of age and up. The U-Trim was designed for nocturnal (night time) and passive use and can also be used as an active chewing appliance. This appliance suits adults with jaw pain, headache and snoring and is especially suited for those with an over-bite and an under-developed lower jaw. Recommended to be used in conjunction with practitioner advice, if used for longer than a six month period.

It is essential that the Myo Munchee be used ONLY under the direct supervision of a qualified oral professional.

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