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    NEW! Warm to the touch Biodegradable Bamboo! Comfortably lifts tongue to check for restrictive lingual frenum. Excellent soft tissue grip. Reverses to tongue depressor! Non-reflective surface is also ideal for laser surgery.
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    Long lasting reminder of correct tongue posture on the alveolar ridge, these vegan friendly, dissolvable disks come in three fruity flavors.
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    Finally, Gentle Assistance to Nasal Breathing that does NOT cover Lips! Easy to use, safe and hyopallergenic, MyoTape gently encirlces the mouth with a soft material, bringing lips together with a delicate, elastic tension that helps teach the brain to switch dominance to nasal breathing when the lips are gently held together. For children over fours years old, adults, CPAP users, snorers and non-snorers! Designed by internationally renowned breathing coach, author of the Oxygen Advantage and TedX speaker, Patrick McKeown, MYOTAPE safely brings the lips together to support and restore nasal breathing during wakefulness and sleep.
    • Prevent mouth snoring
    • Help focus, improve sleep quality and reduce fatigue
    • Improve sleep apnea and support CPAP
    • Improve dental health
    ** Box comes with 90 strips (3 month supply)
  • New!
    Great fidget toy with the fun faces we all know and love! Exceptional quality, easy to handle 2 inch circumference. Perfectly squishy for even the littlest hands! Best of all, they are phthalates and latex free!  $7.50 each
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    $15.00 $12.00
    The ultimate fidget toy! Great for nail biters, thumb suckers, small motor sensory integration, ADHD and autism. Each virtually indestructible ring has a thick center link with a colorful rubber band and 2 skinny links on either side. Comes in two sizes, Regular and Small (for little hands).
  • The squishy rubber gums, teeth, and tongue of this realistic Mouth Puppet will make exercise instruction fun for everyone! Every office needs this sturdy, latex Mouth Puppet to help you show and teach proper tongue placement by opening and closing the mouth and manipulating the tongue so you can show demonstrate exactly where their tongue should be. Say ahh… 2¾" x 2¾".
  • Available with or without handle:
    1. Mini Munchee with handle Mini Munchee with handle allows the very small children to feel secure using the Myo Munchee. The Extra Small has a longer handle suits 2-3 year olds, while the small has a shorter handle for 4-8 year olds
    2. Myo Munchee The classic Myo Munchie (no handle) non-toxic silicone moulded oral orthotic device. Can be used passively at night or during the daytime and/or for active chewing (10 mins per day is recommended). The Myo Munchee works for both children over 5 through to adult.
    It is essential that the Myo Munchee be used ONLY under the direct supervision of a qualified oral professional. More questions on Myo Munchee? Click Here
  • Everything a new patient needs all in one convenient reclosable backpack style bag! Materials for dozens of exercises for the treatment of a range of myofunctional disorders including Twist String and Buttons, Tugs, Therabite Wafer, Oral Screen, Figit for Your Digit and much more. Available in your choice of colors.
  • Sticky Spot

    Long lasting reminder of correct tongue posture on the alveolar ridge. Lightly flavored and derived of highly dense fruit pectin and plant cellulose fiber. Patients are sure to comply with one of Myo Made Easy’s Exclusive flavors:
    • Unflavored
    • Caramel
    • Cherry
    • Bubble Gum
    • Grape
    • Root Beer
    • Chocolate
    • Strawberry
    • Mint
    • Fruit Punch
    • Watermelon
    Includes 5 – 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ pieces.
  • ***More Inventory Coming Soon

    Tucker leaves home on a journey to find his “spot,” a place he will feel good and be happy. Tucker is a colorful story that introduces children to the idea of the “spot,” the place in the mouth designed to hold the tongue. Written by two myofunctional therapists who have helped thousands of children find their spot and eliminate myofunctional disorders including thumbsucking, tongue thrusting, open mouth breathing, and others. An office Must!
  • Tugs

    Engages patients in a “Tug of War” exercise to develop, strengthen and improve lip closure. Washable 100% cotton string with colorful buttons. 5 count package.
  • Effective in improving labial strength and mandibular differentiation. Includes 2 extra washable 100% cotton strings and 5 Fun shaped blocks.
  • Tube Chews

    Develops the muscle matrix-posterior. Includes a 5 pair count. Please specify heavy or light. Also available in non-latex. Light Wall density: 1⁄4 x 1⁄16 Heavy Wall density: 1⁄4 x 1⁄8.
  • NO Petroleum NO Chemicals. Sooth dry lips and keep patients comfortable during therapy with this light vanilla scented lip balm.
  • 6 inch Tube Chew

    Improves muscle matrix and helps develop labial strength and function for maximum lip seal. Please specify Light or Heavy gage and latex or non-latex. Light wall density: 1⁄4 x 1⁄16 Heavy wall density: 1⁄4 x 1⁄8
  • Indispensable tool specifically designed to allow accurate measurements of opening, movement and function of mouth and jaw. 5 disposable ROM scales
  • Rests in front of teeth to help stop peri-oral muscles from activating during the swallow.   Package of 10
  • Moisturizes and coats mouth with soothing oral lubricant that helps stimulate saliva production. Contains Xylitol to help suppress harmful bacteria, reduce bad breath, plague and tooth decay.
  • Therabite Wafers

    Soft platform for teeth while working masseter muscles.    
  • Stablizes the bite open for back of tongue exercises. 5 disposable blocks.  
  • Adult and Child Size
  • For patients that need a little extra help. Adult and Child size.
  • Malleable “sticky” for tongue placement, training, and awareness. 5 count package.
  • Elastics

    Colorful reminders of correct tongue placement. Available in Latex and Non-Latex. 500- 5 bags of 100
  • Small one-size-fits all rolling, sensory finger massager spring. Great for nail biters and thumb suckers.
  • Supports head and neck for correct sleeping posture. Includes pillow case.
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    A great “show and tell” tool for helping patients understand the mission of OFM. Chock full of studies, graphs, charts and color photographs.
    • Control-It Stop Thumb Sucking & Nail Biting Cream
    • All-Natural, Kid-Safe Deterrent
    • Gentle on Skin, Teeth, Fingers
    • Bitter Taste, Easy-to-Apply Formula
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